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We are a boutique agency who advise, prepare, lodge and manage visa applications for people who wish to live or work in Australia.

The Visa Company is...

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Florence, who started it all, has recently retired. She has been active in migration for almost 30 years. Her history includes many years in commercial business as well as being a member of the executive MARA board for four years, and State President of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA), a position she also held for four years. She is a Fellow of the MIA and Justice of the Peace for WA.

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Lisa, who runs a mile when the cameras come out so we were really lucky to get this one. A Registered Migration Agent since 2000, she has over 19 years experience in the industry. Her past experience in conference and event management contributes to the skills she brings to The Visa Company. She is also a Justice of the Peace for NSW.

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Georgia, who is an integral part of the team coordinating visa applications and administration. She has an uncanny ability to know what we need before we know ourselves. She holds a Certificate IV in Legal Studies and is furthering her education with a Bachelor of Laws. 


Cat, who uses the left AND right sides of her brain, has a Bachelor of Design and a Bachelor of Business. She consults on the design and communication elements of The Visa Company. 

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With over forty years of combined experience in migration and our knowledge of the Australian Immigration system, we plan the best pathway to simplify your journey.

The Visa Company specialises exclusively in Migration to Australia. We help you plan your individual, business or family visa requirements for the future of you and your family in Australia, utilising our expertise in all areas.

Our job is to make the process as easy and trouble free as possible, from the moment you make contact. We are there to answer any questions or concerns about your visa process. We ask the right questions of you, so that we can tailor the application to your needs.


We prepare, check and double check, so the application is the best it can be - to give you the greatest chance of success. We follow your application after lodgement and communicate with you throughout the entire process.



Another Day in Western Australia, exploring Ozzie's biggest state from Perth to Broome

Another Day in Western Australia, exploring Ozzie's biggest state from Perth to Broome

Fragments of just another day in Western Australia, exploring Oz's west coast. "As the lesser-known region of Australia, that was exactly its draw for me. Visiting Western Australia was the chance to delve into the ‘other side’, home to some of Australia’s most iconic natural attractions and underrated cities." Becki Enright We landed in Perth WA's (Western Australia's) capital, Australia’s ‘Sunniest City’ and the gateway to a vast backyard of amazing landscapes. In Perth, among world's' most liveable cities, you will enjoy exploring the city's street art, international food culture and the easy going life style. Off Perth visit the gorgeous port town of Fremantle, go surfing at Margaret River and hop on a tour to Rottnest island to discover an island with it's unique and curious inhabitants. We got as far as Broome the sleepy but charming tropical travellers hub off which one can explore the stunning red and rugged landscapes of the Kimberly region. Yet it conceals centuries old stories and a 22km long peninsula landscape so wild and coated in a spectrum of fierce colours, that you’ll be completely sucked into this tiny town instantly. Fiery ochre orange sands and red rock formations, stunning coast lines. Throughout WA it's possible to connect with the land original people, like Beagle Bay . It's suggested to inform first with locals how and where to visit aboriginal communities in a non intrusive and sustainable way. Here's an extended blogpost hat can be useful for you when Perth; as well as Broome: When heading to the Kimberly's deserted image of the Australian Outback you’ve always dreamt about. Get inspired: Team: Becki Enright and Christian Grewe (Film and Edit) In collaboration with Tourism Western Australia and @TourismWesternAustralia


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